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Fate is Being Reforged

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Magic the Gathering’s latest release, Fate Reforged is coming!

Prereleases are this weekend.  Here’s our schedule for this weekend (January 17th-18th):

Our schedule will be as follows:

Friday – midnight
Saturday – 10am
Saturday – 3pm (two-headed giant)
Sunday – 11am
Sunday – 4pm

We’re also taking preorders if you want to lock in a lower price:


Booster Box (36 packs) $109.99
Booster Box Case (216 Packs) $624.99

Intro Pack $14.99
Set of 5 Intro Packs $54.99

Fat Pack $39.99

Variety Pack (1 booster box, 1 fat pack, set of 5 intro packs)

Product officially goes on sell January 23rd!

Here’s some help for your holiday fix!

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We’ve had customers looking for last minute stocking stuffer type ideas. Usually items at about $25 or less. Many don’t seem to need something that literally fits in a stocking, but they don’t want it to be large either. So, to help, here are some suggestions for popular games or items that are affordable, fun, and should take care of the need. :

(Note: all of these items are currently in stock and available at The Game Closet)

Sushi Go!

Forbidden Island

Snake Oil


Star Realms



TacDex (Halo & Walking Dead)

Love Letter


12 Days


Magic the Gathering Intro Packs

Dice, Sleeves, and Dice Bags

Hopefully this gives everyone some good ideas for that last minute shopping :)

The Game Closet’s Christmas schedule looks like:
Christmas Eve (12/24) – 10am to 3pm
Christmas Day (12/25) – Closed

We’ll be open normal hours otherwise.

Thanksgiving Weekend!

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We’ll be open normal hours all weekend.  We do have some neat sales, specials, and fun events to keep you busy though….

Get 10% off everything in store from 10a – 12pm (noon) on Friday November 28th.


Don’t forget to shop with your American Express card on Saturday November 29th to get a FREE $10 statement credit.


All sales below are good through Sunday November 30th.


All purchases over $10 get a Munchkin promo pack (while supplies last)

Board Games – Buy a Game, Get any expansion for it at 20% off.


Buy a set of dice and any dice bag together for 20% off.


Buy an MTG Gift Box and get 1 Free booster pack

Buy an Roleplaying Book or Starter Set and get a free miniature or dice set (up to $4.99 value).

Buy and two of D&D 5E Starter, D&D 5E Player’s Handbook, D&D 5E Monster Manual, D&D 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide for 15% off.


Pokemon, YuGiOh, and Cardfight – Buy 4 boosters get one free.  Buy a starter or boxed set, get a free boosters pack.


Warhammer, Warmachine, Hordes – Buy a Boxed set of $29.99+ get blister pack for 25% off.
Buy a book, get a boxed set for 25% off.

Buy a model or set under $29.99 and get a free bottle of paint.

No Quarter back issues $3 each.  All White Dwarfs $2 each.

Disc Golf – Buy a bag $49.99+, get one free disc (up to $14.99).

Buy two discs, get a free mini (up to $3.99)

-OR- Buy three discs, get a free towel, sunglasses, or zipper pulls.
-OR- Buy four discs, get one free.
Disc Golf Baskets 15% off.

Space Hulk $100

All T-shirts and hoodies 15% off.

Xwing and all Attack Wing minis 10% off.

Heroclix -buy a full booster, get a gravity feed booster.

MTG bobble heads 15% off

My Little Pony CCG products 50% off.




Heroclix 350pt tournament – Friday 1:00pm $5

1st – 2 full boosters, 2nd – 2 full booster, all others – 1 gravity booster


Friday Night Magic – Friday 6:00pm $5

An additional booster pack will be awarded to all the top 8.

MTG Commander Event – Saturday 12:00pm   $5


1st Eliminated – 1 pack

Eliminate a player, win a pack.

Win your pod, one pack.

Pod winners play a final game.  Winner gets a Khans of Tarkir Holiday Gift box.

Yu-Gi-Oh Advanced Tournament  -  Saturday 2:00pm  $3


1 pack per player awarded at the end

Top four players get 3 packs each (minimum 8 players)


Marvel Dice Masters – Sunday 1:30pm $3


2 boosters per player not placing, awarded at end
1st – 6 packs, 2nd – 4 packs, 3rd – 3 packs, 4th – 3 packs

Coming Soon

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Magic the gathering

FNM now $5 – Every player gets prizes!

Hosting MTG Workshop Thursdays!

Dungeon Dragon

D&D every Wednesday night!

Games filling fast.  Need another DM.



Board Games

Board gaming every Sunday!

Lots of new arrivals and restocks!

More board games and events coming soon!


Privateer Press $5 casual league running now!

Restocked X-wings and Tie Fighters!

Heroclix Avengers v. X-Men events now posted!



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