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Holiday Info!

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The Game Closet will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

We will be announcing some sales and specials for the entire Black Friday weekend on Wednesday evening :)

We created our first game!…and some holiday news

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Duel for the Iron Staff main logo page

I’ve gotten even more involved in the industry and along with Galen Ihlenfeldt, he has created his first game.  I know, it’s crazy, right?  We all have ideas for games and ways to fix up existing ones, but most of us never get a chance to follow up on those ideas and get them into print.

The game is Duels For the Iron Staff.  It’s a card based, non-collectible, trading card game.  In Iron Staff you take on the role of students at the Kaqul School for the Gifted. The headmaster, the Great Master Zin, has reached his 100th birthday and decided to relinquish his position.

In traditional fashion, someone must prove themselves worthy to fulfill his seat. Each of the students have trained for years at the school and wishes to show their worth. Not only does the winner get the seat, but they also gain the respect that comes with control of the Iron Staff of the Ancients.

We’re asking that everyone please take a look at the campaign page.  If you’re interested, please back us.  It’ll take every bit of help we can get in order for our game to get funded for printing.  And please pledge early and leave positive comments on the page cause that helps us move up popularity rankings.  And you won’t get charged until the end of the campaign on December 7th.

More info can be found here:

You can also see a game review at The Nerds’ Table.

Duels for the Iron staff school

Just as a heads up, we will be closed on Thanksgiving.  We will be open other regularly otherwise during that week.  All of our events scheduled will run as normally otherwise as well.

WaCon registration is live!

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Game Closet Event

OCTOBER 24th – 26th 2014

Registration is now live at

Feel free to look around the site.  Once you pay your registration, you will have an email sent to you that allows you to reserve spots in individual games and events.

Last year was fantastic, but this year, we’re stepping the bar up.  More events.  More giveaways.  More guests.  Cosplay contests.  More dealers.  It’s going to be a fun and exciting time.  If you missed out last year, you definitely don’t want to miss this year.

Get registered ASAP so you can get into events before they fill up.

Also, keep an eye on our calendar here at The Game Closet cause we’ve got several events going up this week.  The new additions will include:

Disc Golf Putting Tournament
Gamer Date Night
Board Game Gathering Day
Heroclix War of Light Event
Magic the Gathering Magic 2015 prerelease

Gonna be some fun times!

Coming Soon

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Magic the gathering

FNM now $5 – Every player gets prizes!

Hosting MTG Workshop Thursdays!

Dungeon Dragon

D&D every Wednesday night!

Games filling fast.  Need another DM.



Board Games

Board gaming every Sunday!

Lots of new arrivals and restocks!

More board games and events coming soon!


Privateer Press $5 casual league running now!

Restocked X-wings and Tie Fighters!

Heroclix Avengers v. X-Men events now posted!



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